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About Zizen seminars

since i was a student i wanted to teach. i got the opportunity to be as assistant in and then to teach in Medi-cin college and after few years i felt ready to build my own courses according to the topics that i was most passionate about. so on 2011 i started my own courses with cosmetic acupuncture, tongue diagnosis, chinese astrology and meridian stretchings. on 2015 i started to teach in various schools in Europe and these are the topics i enjoy practicing and teaching. my vision is to spread the knowledge i acquired to other students and practitioners with much as possible value that will help them to learn from my mistakes and achievements. .

About Aaron Zizov

I am practicing Chinese medicine since 2004 in a full-time job. during the years i learned many additional topics that eventually helped me to build better practice and to grow my clinic. on the last years i see more than 100 patients a week with variety of cases and i teach what i practiced and what i am passionate about. as an endless student i always try to learn old and new ideas, technics from the oriental medicine. when i get it, i am happy to pass it to others. 

About Zizen products

Except the frontal seminars i have some more ​products to support you and to spread the knowledge worldwide through the internet. my products include;


  • E Books (soon), 

  • Online seminars (soon)

  • Online  consultation

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