Infertility by Ba Zi astrology and tongue diagnosis




Cases of infertility are different from each other and while the conventional medicine uses hormonal treatment for many unknown reasons, Chinese medicine has a wide range of explanations to these infertility cases.

With Chinese astrology we can see the energetic D.N.A of the person, emotional tendencies, interactions with the surroundings and the persons output, which is very important to understand the useful element that will be the most beneficial to get pregnant.

With tongue diagnosis we can see the reflection of the patient's current situation on physical and mental activities, and by looking at the specific association areas we can see the which energetic organ systems is involved.

With both diagnostic tools we can decide what kind of treatment is the best for the patient to achieve the goal of getting pregnant.


The lecture includes:

  • Overview to Ba Zi astrology, identifying the different DAY MASTERS, their personalities and their output.

  • Overview to tongue diagnosis with specific approach of five elements

  • Overview to infertility on western and TCM approach

  • Treatments with Acupuncture and Chinese herbs

  • Case studies


The lecture can be half day, full day or 2 days seminar (depends on the demand)