Introduction to Medical Astrology

According to the energetic DNA code

 3 hours lecture


Chinese astrology deals with our relationship with the universe and the impact on our existence thought the yang/yin, and 5 elements theories. That represent the energetic change in the cycles of time and seasons. Chinese astrology deals with the quality and quantity of energy from the time of birth (energetic DNA).  


The time of birth is a time where we get our unique code of energy according to the situation that exists in the universe at the moment. Chinese astrology consists of 60-year cycles in which also correspond to cycles of 10 years, year, month, day and hour.


Actually, each one of us is made from a particular set of energy according to the different elements (water, wood, fire, earth, and metal) which identify different aspects of our life. It means that our perspective to life and to ourselves will be according to these elements also. In other words we could say that our birth chart is like glasses we look through on ourselves and on the world, and on the way we see thing we will act, and according to that we will get our results.


Understanding personal map can identify conflicts, difficulties and ability to understand the basic potential. At the same time we can see the availability of each element's energy, whether it exists or not.


BA ZI method helps us to understand the congenital energetic DNA of the person, and allows us to identify his true self. To distinguish between the strong, weak or balanced elements, how each person looks at himself and at the world and how he acts there.


Some of these Questions that we ask ourselves and our patients ask themselves, can be answered by the understanding of the four pillars map:


  • What is my main element on the spiritual aspect?

  • What are my strong / weak elements?

  • What is the best expression?

  • What are my expectations in relationships with partners, parents, and children?

  • What is my relationship with money, power?

  • How to see and to prevent my potential health issues?


In this lecture I will demonstrate how it is possible to see the Congenital and acquired SHEN of the patient by using BA-ZI (four pillars of destiny) method, and tongue diagnosis.